Quäker-Hilfe Stiftung at a glance

Quäker-Hilfe Stiftung, a charitable trust, was founded by the German Quaker organization Quäker-Hilfe e.V. and the American Quaker Relief Organization AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) in 1996. Both organizations develop and implement projects together with local partners worldwide.


The aim of the work is to strengthen the confidence and capacity of people and their communities by helping them to identify their problems and develop long term solutions. Quakers do not plan grand schemes, but work quietly and persistently to tackle the causes of poverty, disease, violence, discrimination and homelessness.


Quakers work in many countries around the world. They help people in need, regardless of their religion, ethnicity or gender, and they do not missionize. As an NGO, Quakers have consultative status with the United Nations. In 1947, they were awarded the Nobel Price for Peace for their relief work in Europe after both World Wars.

Some examples of Quaker projects worldwide

Kenya: Rural Service Programme Kaimosi

Situated in rural Northwest Kenya, the project works to improve living conditions for poor families, widows, and children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, through medical counseling and advice, income generating activities and microcredit schemes.

South Africa: Campaign for Non-Violent Schools

In Cape Town, the Quaker Peace Centre works together with young people and their teachers to reduce the unacceptably high levels of violence at schools by tackling prejudice, xenophobia and racial hatred.

Bolivia: Quaker Bolivia Link

In cooperation with some of the poorest people of the South American continent, the project works to bring clean drinking water, better nutrition and improved agriculture to indigenous farmers and their families in isolated villages in the high Andes.

Burundi: Trauma healing and reconciliation

Helping former enemies still affected by the atrocities of the civil war to overcome their ethnic prejudices and differences and work together to improve community life. Through trauma healing and self-help groups, people get the opportunity to rebuild their lives and start earning an income for their families.

QUNO: the Quaker presence at the United Nations

Through the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) in Geneva and New York, Quakers have the opportunity to raise specific issues and concerns with the UN. QUNO works for changes on an international level in the areas of peace building and disarmament, prevention of violent conflict, human rights and refugees as well as global economic issues.

How Quakers work

Quakers give aid to people in need and work for long-term positive change in different parts of the world. Whenever possible they work with local partner organizations to bring about relief from poverty or promote reconciliation between former enemies in countries which have experienced civil war or unrest.


Quaker project workers help people to help themselves in order to break out of the vicious circles of poverty and violence. They do this by talking to them, through education and training, jointly working out new ways of generating income, microcredit schemes, business start-up programs, trauma healing and conflict resolution.

Contact details

If you need more information in English about our work and projects, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.


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